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Ametrine Crystalogy


 Ametrine is a mixing of citrine and amethyst. It is a faceted stone that will enhance universal equilibrium and provide a clear connection to the physical form and to the ultimate state of perfection. It provides for balancing of the male and female qualities and for intellectual syntheses of spirituality.

Crystals 101

Super Seven, Brazil

Whether you’re a die-hard skeptic or an open-minded beginner, you might as well try it for yourself. Click through to learn about the properties of seven different kinds of crystals, and how they might help you live your best life…

Lemon Quartz Necklace


Do Healing Crystals Really Work?  [Skincare] fuses Chinese, Tibetan, ayurvedic, homeopathic and vibrational medicines with biotechnology advances in the beauty industry to remedy skin problems. Minerals, gemstones and crystals are believed to contain electro-stimulants that give an extra boost to the concoctions.


Kyanite Crystalogy


Kyanite Crystalogy:

Kyanite is a calming and grounding stone. Helps to quiet the mind, dissolve anger and decrease anxiety. Kyanite facilitates meditation by helping to ground, quiet your thoughts.

pictured: kyanite stack bracelet. Amazon Handmade

Healing Crystals







Healing Crystals Might Just Be What The World Needs Right Now



Healing Crystals

Sodalite + Pyrite