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Bringing Crystals On The Road

February 1, 2012
We live and work in the mountains of Vermont, very secluded in a bastion of absolute beauty…………..

……….But for the bulk of the year we travel to amazing music and arts festivals around the country.  A large part of our travel means we need to bring not only crystals to sell, but our own personal collection on the road.  Not such an easy task.   With our personal collection/personal use crystals we always have to ask ourselves the following questions: Which ones should be bring? How many to bring? How to safely travel with them? Lets tackle those questions now:

Which Ones To Bring and How Many?

Traveling isn’t easy and certainly isn’t always fun.  Airports, obnoxious people screaming, delays, unpredictable  weather, chance encounters, you know what I mean.  So it is important not to bring a specific crystal for each occurrence you may foresee, rather bring ones that will ground you and make you less susceptible to a major freak out.

Two of the crystals that we always bring with us on the road are Black Tourmaline and Watermelon Tourmaline.  These are perfect to cleanse any hotel room and are great to bring in the car and plane as well.  Black Tourmaline is a stone that we carry with us every day because it negates negative energy and builds a forcefield of positivity around you.  It also ground us and allows us to persevere through any stressful situations. Watermelon Tourmaline is a loving and therapeutic stone and creates a sanctuary of love, empathy and bliss where we go.  Very important for us to feel the love and empathy for others when we are on the road – whether at our vending booth during the summer or traveling from show to show.  The importance of empathy is huge and can only be a helpful trait to work towards.

How to Travel Safely With Your Crystals

 We have heard horror stories from our friends about them putting a crystal in their backpack and seeing it in pieces when they get to their destination.  Things happen and they will continue to happen but we will share some of our travel tips.  If the crystals are small enough we recommend putting them in a pouch that you can either wear around your neck or put in your handbag or travel on bag.   This will ensure they are safe, protected and you know where they are at all times!  Another idea is to wrap in a cloth then put bubble wrap around the larger pieces and tape them.  We use the smaller bubblewrap so we can keep them in our bags without taking up too much room.  Putting them directly in your pocket is not always something we recommend but you can make that call!

Everyone travel safe wherever your travels take you.  We will be posting our 2012 Tour Schedule in the coming months so make sure you keep a look out and hopefully you can see us at one of our many incredible stops along with the way!


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