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Rose Quartz Can Help Alzheimer Sufferers and Their Families

March 2, 2012

Alzheimer’s is one of the most frustrating and disastrous diseases that can strike a family. Not only can it cause the family a great deal of anxiety and there is really no known cause and effect. This disease can take a family member and make them a virtual stranger and the fact that there is no surgery or medication to prevent of lessen the affects is very sad. A seemingly calm and loving person can be transformed very quickly into someone whose behavior is so tough to understand and recognize. Over five million people suffer from the disease and without a pharmacological solution it makes sense to explore other ways to make life more bearable for both those stricken and the families dealing with this.

Our family knows first hand how terrible this disease is and the frustration at seeing a loved one deteriorating and changing in front of our eyes. Both the memory loss and mental confusion after so many years of clear and calm thinking is really scary. I do feel that there are crystals that can be of assistance in conjunction with other more mainstream treatment options such as group therapy, exercise and medication.

We really feel that Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to use in order to calm down really bad outbursts and also for family members to use when they are feeling like their relative doesn’t love them anymore. Rose Quartz is sometimes called the “Love Stone” and is great to use in order to calm yourself and to help feel more empathetic for what your loved ones are experiencing. A small piece next to your bed is perfect so you can hold on to it while reading, meditating or talking to a friend.

Alzheimer’s is a heart breaking and awful disease for families to deal with. Advances in modern medicine have done little to quell the frustration and anger this causes. Our hope is that you can use Rose Quartz or a crystal you feel comfortable with in order to help cope with such a terrible disease.


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