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Keep Calm and Carry Crystals!

November 23, 2013

For the months leading up to my grandmother’s death last month and at the funeral, I carried a piece of watermelon tourmaline. I had also given her a piece of tourmaline and rose quartz, which she held as she went to sleep and kept by her bedside. This is a stone that gives off a soft, loving energy and a confidence, even in dire situations.

Why? Life is full of stress. Luckily we have learned that calming ourselves through activities such as yoga, exercise, and meditation can aid us when we feel completely overwhelmed. The answer is all about connection – the ability to connect to your inner happiness, your “true north,” and finding how to stay calm and rooted in the midst of the pressure cooker of life. A way to find connection is with crystals. Every situation is made more tolerable when holding crystals.

Crystals have not only helped me personally, but help all kinds of people in a variety of circumstances. From calming my sick grandmother, to helping kids with Aspergers and autism with communication and listening, I’ve seen crystals improve the lives of many people struggling to get centered.

At one time or another, I have carried different stones. Those I carry most represent love, grounding, empathy and the ability to shield myself against negativity. These crystals are Watermelon Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline, Kyanite, Sacred Sevens and Smoky Quartz. Before I get on an airplane I always make sure my Kyanite is in my hand as a security blanket – just knowing it is with me provides the calm I need and serves as my “anti-anxiety” crystal!
When you are in a situation where a family member is sick or close to passing, try to find a crystal that you both can carry that can connect you with each other. In the case of my grandmother, we used watermelon tourmalines, and rose quartz also works well to provide that amazing loving healing energy and connection. In the aftermath of the death of a loved one we have found that sleeping with a piece of rose quartz or watermelon tourmaline placed over your heart helps to feel connected to your loved one that has passed. Placing this crystal on your heart while saying your mantra, reading or meditating will give you such an amazing ability to move past the grief in a tactful way while helping to rebuild your own sense of self love and positivity.

From experience working with kids on the Aspergers/Autism spectrum and their families, I’ve seen the most incredible results of using crystals as a catalyst for increased communication, grounding and calm. This happens to both the kids and parents. Most kids who struggle with Aspergers/Austism are highly intuitive, and the addition of the crystals added such an incredible element to their lives. We spend time with the kids and their families, put four or five different crystals on the table and see which ones the kids are most drawn to. These become the stones that they want to keep with them at all times, and in many cases the kids want to know the color, origin and science of their favorites.

There is nothing coincidental about which crystals the kids feel connect with, in terms of the metaphysical properties. There are a baseline set of stones which contain properties in the realm of calming, grounding, communicating and listening and those are the stones we deal with on a day to day basis and recommend to parents with kids on the spectrum to give to the kids to keep with them during the day and to sleep with at night.

Finding a crystal to use when there is a lot of stress and anxiety in your life will help you.

Although crystals are beautiful to put on an altar or display in your home, I feel it’s better to use them in a practical sense on a daily basis for anything life throws your way. These beautiful specimens from the earth are there to help us balance the harmony in our relationships and give us a larger capacity to love ourselves so keep one with you at all times


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