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You Have To Be Awake To Be Alive

November 23, 2013

I always thought that as long I was breathing, walking and talking that I was living. I try to fill my life with pure positivity- conscious eating, using crystals in a practical way, cutting out the bad people, places and things and staying active. But it took an afternoon of Wanderlust classes high in the Colorado Mountains this summer to realize that all I was doing was just not enough. I was looking too far in the past and planning too much into the future to realize that what was happening in the moment was far more important and crucial to my life. My mind wouldn’t allow me to relax and take in the surroundings. Big expectations had always led to disappointment. But truly living in the moment, discarding unwanted thoughts from the past and future and feeling rooted and grounded may seem to be the idea mindset but are far from easy to both achieve and maintain.

Why am I pouring out all of this negativity? Well I had a true awakening. I finally felt like I woke up. I learned the most important lesson of my life – I have to be awake to be alive. Being awake is truly the substance of everything which is the ability to stay in the now. It all started with back to back guided meditation classes on Friday of WLCO this summer and I decided this guided session would be different than all the other ones I have done before. I was going to give myself over to the guides, the people and the mountains that surrounded me. Even though I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and my mind was filled with what I did wrong in the past, I would not let these thoughts would not tarnish this opportunity. Here I was, lying peacefully on the grass under the tent with only my watermelon tourmaline over my heart and smoky quartz gripped in my right hand. No visions of great change, no ideas that my life would be different because of these classes. Just simply being present, in the moment and grounded.

And so it goes… I woke from the end of the second class and there was a major shift in my consciousness. This wasn’t my first guided meditation and certainly not the first time I had meditated in a beautiful setting. But the difference is I left my expectations at the door. Expectations lead to disappointment. That was my mantra going in to the class. I stayed rooted as the first class turned into the second and then I was woken as classes were done for the day. The shift I felt was real, it was noticeable and something that truly cleared away the clouds of my regular thought process. The mountains seemed even more spectacular, the people around me were shining so bright and my thoughts were in the present. Being rooted into the ground for close to 3 hours had done a spiritual number on my way of thinking!

A regular yoga class or guided meditation session is capable of changing your whole life. All it takes is a denial of expectation and the ability to give yourself over to the idea that mindfulness is achievable and the ability to stay rooted and grounded and truly live in the moment is very much possible! I now fill my life with reminders of that afternoon and the most important of those are the crystals that I used. Even though I don’t have the backdrop of the Colorado Mountains I still work with these crystals while meditating and focus on lowering expectations while truly trying to remain awake and present! This is done much easier by using crystals. The watermelon tourmaline (a very loving stone) and smoky elestial quartz(an amazing stone for grounding) became the spiritual catalysts to both take me back to that mountaintop and also lead me to a place where I can truly love where I am, whom I’m with and what I am doing moment to moment! I work hard every day to keep what’s in the past and in the future away from the present and indeed such an important aspect of my life-that I have to be awake in order to truly be alive!


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