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The v2C Passion Test

February 16, 2014

This is apropos for Valentines Day so we wanted to give you a really cool and fun test on how to find your passion.  There is no book you can read about how to find your passion.  Passion comes from experience.  Here is a quick and fun test (you wont be graded…however if you do decided to quit your job, sell all your worldly possessions and follow your dream/passion then we applaud you!  Just make sure to bring a few crystals along for the journey!) Set your timer to ten seconds.  Now write down a list of everything you are passionate about as fast as you can.   10..9..8……3…2..1 OK now from that list circle one or two items.  Now look at them and here is where it gets fun….guess what?  Those two items are not only your passion but WHAT YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED AT.  Your goal from now on is to find a way to integrate those things into your everyday life and more importantly find a way to translate that passion into serving yourself and others. Take the test on your own, pass it to friends and family and feel free to share the results with us! And if you are looking fora few cool crystals along the way you know where to find them! Image


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