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Do Something Meaningful For Yourself Everyday (Starting….Today)

February 17, 2014


The worldwide headquarters of v2C is set in nondescript small town east of the Green Mountain in Vermont.  We are surrounded by the winding White River on one side and a forest of 100+ year old 150 foot trees in back.  We have set up our “outdoor all season studio” in our hammocks which are about 15 feet off the ground between two of these trees.  Even though we have to travel thru waist deep snow to get there, these hammocks are the perfect spot to clear our minds, manifest new wellness inspired jewelry collections and meditate with crystals that are so meaningful to us.  This also gave us the idea that every day we should do something meaningful for ourselves every day.  We know that adding something meaningful is so important and we think you should do the same!

Today we decided to implement the Law of Detachment into our lives.  In its truest essence, the Law of Detachment is something that is attainable thru practice and allows you to surrender to the feeling of pure potentiality.   Essentially, by letting go of the past you open yourself up for the potential of life to improve in many areas.  Using crystals to help cleanse your mind is so important and we feel it is a necessity.  I’m sure you have heard the saying “Be Here Now” or read the book by the same title.  It really comes down to those three words.  If you are really and truly here now then whatever has happened to you in the past will take on less of importance in your current life.  Letting old negative memories, relationships, bad decisions, regrets and poor habits simply melt away will allow you to regain the ability to gain a new potentiality.  It also allows you to make new memories, form new relationships, add new habits, new activities and accept responsibility for everything you want from life. 

You can recreate yourself every day.  Every minute and every second.  You can become that person you have crafted in your head that you thought was never attainable.   You are that person.  That person is YOU.  Begin to honor yourself, your mind, your body and your relationships.  Let the past stay in the past and begin to create the new YOU.  Be defenseless – let the change come and don’t fight it.  Fill your mind with amazing thoughts, fill your body with incredibly nourishing foods and fill your relationships with loving, positive and caring people. 

When we work with our private clients to match them with the right crystals we hear alot of the same types of thoughts. One of them is that they are unable to change because it is too late to start over and they fear the outcome of making major changes.  No one is saying to just get in your car and drive to California.  But maybe that’s what you need.  Your system is meant to withstand major change in every area. 

You can handle it – live without fear.  Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what people will think and say.  Screw them and screw fear.  Fear is bullshit.  Yes fear in the enemy.  You versus Fear.  And guess what?  If you commit yourself to a life of pure passion, detachment from the past and a commitment to truly living for YOU, not others but YOU then you will be able to truly be living for today.  Living in the moment.  And trust me, loving every freakin minute of it!






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