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Crystals Are Survivors. You Are A Survivor. (For 2015)

February 18, 2014

Wanted to share this very important piece for the start of the New Year. I wish everyone the best in health, happiness and love! We are here to help you along your journey! If you need some advice on certain crystals to integrate into your life feel free to reach out any time!
Much love and peace!

As the summer winds down and school/jobs get back into a more full time basis it is so important to keep yourself emotionally grounded, take time to show compassion to yourself and those around you and also keep your eyes and mind clear. If you over indulged in some area this summer it may be time to address it so it becomes part of your past and not something that will cripple your future. Below is a story of sobriety, renewal and the loving kindness and support you can get from introducing crystals into your life. Remember- not only are crystals survivors but you are a survivor. Honor your path, make good decisions and find beauty in small things!

Loving Kindness Thru Tourmaline Crystals Here!

We are in the business of providing a mechanism for healing that is non medical, non surgical and requires your mind and heart to have faith in the ability to heal thru the earth.  Now that sounds like some hippy dippy mumbo jumbo – I will be the first to say that.  Like some of our readers, we grew up in upper middle class environments where if you got sick someone in the family made a phone call and you then got to see the best specialist in the area.  If you managed to get addicted to alcohol or drugs then you went on “vacation” to Silver Hills or Sierra Tuscon for a few months to “clean up”.  It was a mere blip and when you got home you were expected to get back into the swing of life.  I have news for you – it doesn’t work like that.  Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, soul and heart.  It wrecks your ability to think clearly and rationally, it can ruin your relationship with people around you and you go deep inside yourself in order to justify the behaviors that you feel you need to make to survive each day.   Drinking when you are happy, drinking when you are sad, pop a pill to get out of bed, pop a pill and just stay in bed.  Addiction is crippling in many ways, it ages you, it takes away your sense of purpose when all you think about is what ER you are going to scam into giving you your drug of choice.  This is the life of an addict.  How do I know all of this?  Because I am an addict and an alcoholic – by the grace of God, family, therapists and my own ability – I am clean and sober.  My sobriety, like many other things is black and white – I cant have one drink, I cant take one pill.  That would turn into many drinks and many pills.  In AA they call this thinking thru the drink which is the ability to see three steps ahead and knowing that if you pick up a drink you will pick up many drinks and the next day you will be in bed until 2pm, miss a day of work and wake up wanting more and then the cycle begins.

Now when you are dealing with something as strong and potent as alcohol and pills how do crystals become so relevant and important?  Easy.  Crystals (click here for all of the crystals we have selected from our partner’s collection for you!), along with amazing therapy (detox if needed) and and amazing strong and positive people will  give you the ability to beat this disease.  It is a disease and diseases can be cured.  But like any disease you need something to remind you of the times you were weakest so you can remain strong.  Crystals can and will do that.  I never went anywhere without my Tourmaline. Carrying a crystal in essence is carrying that ability to remain strong, vibrant and rooted in the notion that life can and will become better because you are the one living it.  You need the confidence and resilience and mental clarity (which is the main healing property of Amethyst) that certain crystals can provide.  They can follow you anywhere – come in the car, to the doctor, to yoga, to the gym, to concerts, to school, to work and to bed.  You can hold them, wear them and sleep with them in your hand or on your chest(So amazing to sleep with a piece of Moldavite to keep you full of love!  Rose Quartz works amazingly well for self love as well!)  They are a reminder that we are only here for a very short period of time and they are tens of thousands of years old.  They were here before you, before you became an addict, after you got sober and after you leave this earth.

Crystals are survivors.  You are a survivor and you deserve to be reminded of that every day.  Life substance free is amazing at times but It is tough, its a battle and sometimes it sucks but when all of the words are gone and you are left in silence with your crystal and a clear head you will remember why you got sober.  For yourself, your health, your family and your friends.  Whatever the reason remember that the ends justify the means – its not how you got sober its THAT YOU GOT SOBER.  So find a crystal that is very meaningful to you for whatever reason – its beauty, its healing properties, its color…whatever draws you in there is a reason why and just know that reason is real.

So if you are still using but have the notion in your head that this is not a life worth living, just getting your 1, 10, 30 or 60 day chips or have a new or long term lasting sobriety it is incredibly important for you to find a crystal that will be your sidekick and know its there for you.  You are a survivor and crystals are survivors.  We are here for you – email us anytime – we are here for you – you are not alone!


 Watermelon Tourmaline




Rose Quartz

Smoky Quartz


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