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The Four Pillars Of Spiritual Living by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

June 6, 2014

In this amazing article you will find the four pillars of living a truly spiritual life. Although there are more and different varieties the most important pillars are the ones that not only work best for you but are easy for you to integrate into your everyday life. These Pillars are cumulative over a lifetime of living and learning. Finding the time to construct your own pillars is crucial to keeping yourself grounded, full of love and staying calm in the face of different trials in life.

Below are the Four Pillars from the article which are worth reading and exploring but I also wanted to share my Pillar of Spiritual Living which has been constructed over the years and now truly part of my everyday living. This is basically one long Pillar but has been the most important way for me to live life on my terms and to not fall victim to circumstance, sadness, or negative thinking/activities.

Filling The Holes In Your Heart With Positive Thinking/Activities – Everyone experiences loss in some way, some earlier in life (as I did) and some later in life. Holes in your heart can be created from the death of loved ones, broken relationships or just a general feeling that something is missing. I fill the hole in my heart with two things- physical activities like tennis, yoga, live music and hiking and mentally stimulating activities such as mindfulness activities, guided meditations, listening to relaxing music and reading books by Jon Kabat Zinn and Christopher Germer. I make sure I have as many of these tools with me at all times so when my mind starts going negative I can instantly go to a place of loving kindness and positivity!

I also keep a crystal with me during the day and keep crystals on my nightstand as well. These crystals are not used as decor, I use them as part of my meditation and relaxation. Two of the crystals that I use as part of filling that hole in my heart are Watermelon Tourmaline for self love and Smoky Elestial Quartz for help with grounding and making transitions.

One other Pillar of my Spiritual Life is reading and writing. Making sure I have a few different stories and prose poems going so I can either add to them or edit them is such an amazing way to stay grounded and creative. Reading is also an incredible way to disconnect and put yourself in another world! Keeping books and paper/pen/laptop with me at all times has served as a way to stay calm and grounded during times of great angst.

Being able to redirect your energy to positive activities instead of the easy and temporary way to fill the hole in your heart(drugs, alcohol, violence) is probably the most important thing in my life. It takes time and takes a plan. Crystals are an important part and reading about crystals is also an amazing way to add something positive to your life. There are many great resources out there to learn about different crystals and find a few that you think can help out in every facet in your life! Feel free to visit our site to learn about some different crystals and see some amazing images of different crystals to purchase and learn about as well!

Enjoy the article below and feel free to email us at info@v2crystals to discuss different crystal options and some ideas on building you own Pillars of Spiritual Living! Much Love! The v2C Family

Four Pillars Of Spiritual Living by Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD

In the last few years, science has confirmed the many positive mental, physical, and emotional health benefits of living a spiritual life. These benefits are cumulative over a lifetime, according to Dharma Singh Khalsa, MD, author of Brain Longevity, and in his view, there are four key ingredients to nurturing that spiritual life. Here’s what he says:

Practice: Wake Up to Wellness

Without a regular spiritual practice, I don’t believe it’s possible to live a fulfilled spiritual life. The key is to start your day in a positive way with techniques such as kundalini yoga, Chi Gong, deep relaxation, meditation, or prayer. Meditation, we now know, works on activating and calming different parts of the brain. But developing a regular morning practice, or sadhana, is steeped in the history of health, happiness, and spiritual fulfillment.

Once a student asked the master: “Sir,” she said, “may I take a nap after sadhana?” To which the master replied: “You can do anything you want after sadhana.”

You can do anything you want in life. But first do your sadhana.

Service: Bring Altruism into Your Life

When you serve others, even if it’s just to offer someone a silent prayer, a handshake, or a smile, research shows that you reduce your own stress.
When you serve others, even if it’s just to offer someone a silent prayer, a handshake, or a smile, research shows that you reduce your own stress. Such altruistic and compassionate behaviors improve our physical and mental health. Current thinking links this discovery directly to two parallel physiological events: reduction in the stress hormone cortisol, along with a corresponding improvement in immune system function.

Community: Nurture a Strong Social Support System

According to both Eastern healing philosophy and Western science, group energy, be it from friends, family, church, or synagogue members, is very important for our health. Surrounding yourself with people who support your energy, rather than drain it, is imperative for feeling great.

Remembrance: Remember the New Golden Rule

Everyone knows the old Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The new Golden Rule is: “See the other person as yourself. See the other person as a soul.” The other person is you. He or she carries a spark of the divine inside, just as we all do.

As you go about the busy hours of your day, you will see that when you are able to see another as yourself, your interactions will occur on a much more loving, intimate, or unified level. In the simple act of seeing yourself in the other, enlightenment becomes possible. And when you live a spiritual lifestyle, you soon find not just improved health and mental powers, but extraordinary richness and meaning in your life.


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