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What Is Meditation and Why Should I Do It?

July 29, 2014

Amazing video hereon a common practice which is not only difficult to start but even more difficult to maintain – the art and practice of meditation. Oprah and Deepak Chopra discuss the demystification of the practice and two important issues – the how and the why. Having a safe and healthy way to lower your stress levels is worth pursuing, even if it is tough to get started.

The act of meditation can be daunting and intimidating. How do we find the time? How do we turn off our minds? Wait I am supposed to sit quietly instead of retuning an email, cleaning the office or watching a movie? How is it even possible? Is it easier to just give up before even trying? The answer is clearly no, you need a plan. Here is mine:

1. Put meditation in your phone as a reminder or in your day planner. 8:00-8:15- quiet my mind. Don’t put pressure on yourself, just call it quiet time. Relaxing spot, phone in other room, no distractions, just you

2. Breathing technique – nothing too intense, just a gentle flow of breathing in and out. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. Just breathe

3. Simple mantra – for me I use something really simple – Rise and Fall. Breathe in and say Rise, breathe out and say Fall. Up and down, rise and fall, very easy to remember and use. When my mind and my thoughts go to other places I don’t freak out, all I do is identify the thought and go back to my mantra

4. Holding a crystal. Having a tangible object to hold really helps me focus my energy and breathing and keeps my hands occupied rather than instinctively reaching for my phone or IPad! Frankly it doesn’t matter which crystals you use, rather the important thing is to find crystals that feel good in your hand. I use a smokey Elestial Quartz and a watermelon tourmaline. Here are links to each so you can see images and read about them!

Smoky Elestial Quartz

watermelon tourmaline

In short, meditation or quieting of the mind can really help to reduce stress and allow you to slow down your thoughts. Start slow,if you like it then do it longer or multiple times a day. If you find yourself totally incapable of quieting your mind (I know all about that!) then try my four suggestions above and always feel free to email me at

Much love and relaxation!


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