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Spiritual Law of The Day and Its Activating Intentions

August 12, 2014

Having the opportnity to travel the country and participate in incredible yoga and music festivals as a vendors has allowed us to not only share our handselected Brazilain crystals but also partake in some amazing events – everything from late night music to mountaintop yoga classes.  One in particular really set the toine for the summer and it took place at the Wanderlust Festival in Copper, Colorado.  This was a guided meditation which centered on the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and its influsense on our Chakras.  I had the opportunity to break away from our booth and attend this class and actually was able to get there early to meet with my other “classmates”.  I brought a nice collection of crystals for a few of them to pick and use during the class as they would be in deep meditatiopn for a few hours and I would be taking voracious notes on everything that was said (thats one of my ways of meditation – get lost in the thoughts and expertise of others!)  The way this was broken down was pretty brilliant because it gave the class a way to have a different focus every day of the week then repeat that focus the next week.  These are not only things to add to your Spiritual To Do List but also practivces that will blend perfectly to other positive aspects of your life.

Below I will give you the day by day list of the Spiritual Laws of the Day (and their activating intentions!) along with the daily practices and a good crystal to use on that day!

Monday:  Giving and Receiving
1.  Practice breath awareness  2.  Cultivate gratitude   3.  Acknowledge your needs

Crystal to help you –Smoky Elestial Quartz

Tuesday: Karma
1. Witness your choices 2. Consider the consequences 3. Listen to your heart

Crystal to help you – Watermelon Tourmaline

Wednesday: Least Effort
1. Practice acceptance 2. Accept responsibility 3. Be defenseless

Crystal to help you – Aqua Aura

Thursday: Intention and Desire
1. Be clear of your intentions 2. Trust the outcome 3. Present moment awareness

Crystal to help you – Herkimer

Friday: Detachment
1. Practice detachment 2. Embrace uncertainty 3. Surrender to the field of pure potentiality

Crystal to help you – Moldavite

Saturday: Dharma(Purpose in Life)
1. Attend to your silent witness 2. Acknowledge your talents 3. Serve others

Crystal to help you – Clear Quartz

Sunday: Pure Potentiality
1. Cultivate stillness 2. Commune with nature 3. Practice non-judgement

Crystal to help you – Citrine


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