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Veterans Find ‘Family,’ Healing In Festival And Electronic Music Culture

October 16, 2014

Absolutely Incredible Article about a truly magical and transformative music festival called Electric Forest held in the end of June each summer in the woods of Western Michigan. There is no other festival or experience quite like it in the world. Watching this event evolve has been incredible. As most festivals do the bare minimum – see a show, eat bad food then sit in your tent – E Forest provides a totally immersive and interactive experience. There is a focus on providing the best possible experience for 30,000+ patrons and offering activities, varied types of music and the centerpiece – The Sherwood Forest – which by day is a relaxing hammock filled oasis and by night a total dance party filled with music, lights and things that are better seen in person!

What truly makes it special and unique is the year addition of meaningful programs such as Electric Forces. which highlights the transformative impact electronic music and the festival culture can have on recovering U.S. war veterans. A project launched by Electric Forest and Thump, Vice’s electronic music channel, Electric Forces created a space amid the trees where attendees (veterans and civilians alike) could record themselves telling inspiring, personal stories about how music has changed their lives.

Here is the amazing video


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