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Contributing towards Oneness

November 10, 2014


Contributing towards Oneness
What are You Doing to Contribute towards Oneness?

by Robin Coventry

There’s much talk about Oneness across our planet, it’s a word we can never wear out! Have you ever considered what the word Oneness really implies? Do you know and can you visualize what Oneness really is? Is your visualization expansive enough or do you limit Oneness to One?

Merriam-Webster dictionary describes oneness as the state of being completely united with or a part of someone or something. As an individual you are one human being and can be counted as one or being of oneness. A song once said, “one is the loneliest number.” Though a song I have enjoyed, the songs subtle programming would have us think, we are lonely if we are alone. (Hmmm, hope the song writer found a mate.) I am perfectly content being alone, i.e. not in a relationship. As children little girls were trained to grow up and get married and have babies. Boys are told grow up work and have families. (At least my generation was) When someone decides to go against the norm and be alone, society looks at her or him with suspicious eyes, some may think they feel lonely or that something is wrong with them because they violate the societal programming of youth. One can be alone and be perfectly happy because, each of us is in charge of how we feel about anything and we are each a part of something much greater.

So it seems, there are instructions and guidance missing from the training of a child. One of the unexplained truths withheld from children is that all of humanity is energetically connected. I can take that one step further by saying, all life forms on earth are connected; all are energy, all radiate their energy and connect with the energy of others around them. Even across species.

Walking in nature or in the woods you may enter stressed but soon, the energy of the earth ~ plants, trees, soil and animals sooth your Being, an you find you relax.

Animals sense or feel happiness and the energy of negativity, fear or even illness and disease. Some take it upon their selves to draw illness from their owners into themselves. This is one reason to clear your stuff, to save the animal you love. Science has proven that plants respond to love, can feel terror or sicknesses and communicate energetically with each other and to us.

If we look at the Earth, and every living species no matter what it is, our energy is intertwined, we are linked to everything energetically. Considering that every plant, animal (humans are animals), tree, rock or the earth, all put out energy and can be changed by energy, you would think, humanity would care more as individuals, about the energy being created. If more people knew about the workings of energy perhaps they would.

As energetic beings, we unconsciously create energy all the time. We take note of how energy affects others around us. People can feel happy being around a happy person. It is because the energy they are emitting is lighter and it comes across as a positive or good feeling. Those who are holding themselves in negativity and anger may shun the happy person because they are wallowing in a lower energetic state and find it uncomfortable being in the higher frequency of happiness. It is their choice and they think it is a brain thing of un-comfortableness not considering it is a vibrational feeling.

When someone walks into a room in a horrible mood, often times you don’t need to see their face to know their mood. You can feel the “heaviness” of negative energy emitting from their body’s energetic field. Have you ever been around somebody or even commented that someone has “bad vibes”? Even though you may not be aware, you are sensing or feeling a frequency lower than your own emanating from the person with “bad vibes.” What do you think vibes are? They are energetic vibrations; energy with a frequency.

Each of us is responsible for the way we feel. Ultimately, what we choose to feel, resides within. Can other people’s energy affect us? You bet! However, because of free will individuals can choose to be into positive or negative states of Being.

So, how can the choices we make affect those around us? The collective consciousness of humanity is often bombarded with negative energy to keep them in fear, sad, afraid, grieving, hating, suspicious, untrusting, as a victim and more. This comes from the media, training, tragic events… The collective consciousness of these negative states is felt by all life forms on our planet. My suggestion, avoid buying into the negative programming (media) that weighs down your energetic field.

Each of us is an energy generator be it positive or negative. Each of us can choose to generate positive words, feelings, emotions, and actions and use our free will to accept into our energetic fields or project what we want in our energetic fields and out to the world. Remember all is energy, each word, thought, deed.

Do you generate positive energy, create positive experiences for yourself and others or do you live in fear, and competition of others? When we compete with others we cast judgments into our energetic fields that we are better than someone or something else. This way of thinking is skewed. It was created to keep humanity down lulling us into the belief that some are unworthy, when the fact of the matter is everyone and thing on this planet is worthy. We all have the Presence of Creation within and that makes us very worthy. However, our own free will allows us to choose a path of positive living or negative living. Back to the competition comment, I am not saying, I do not believe in sports or play for fun. What I am saying is that we can play and not make others feel like they do not measure up. This can extend into all aspects of life, business, relationships, religions, and the can list goes on.

If societal truths change and our young children are taught how precious our planet is and that all species have value and that all life forms are connected, that we all share and contribute to the well Being of earth, that we are all part of the whole or Oneness of life on planet earth; then that reality will alter the interaction of life amongst all species on our Mother Earth.

So as the race of humanity, one of many species of animals on this planet, what if we focused our thoughts, words, actions, on positive states of well-being. In doing so, we would create positive energy to share with all species and the interactive dance of life would rise all to a new level of ONENESS.

About the Author

Robin Coventry is a Certificate of Science, Master Theta Healing Instructor & Practitioner. She is also trained in a mélange of alternative modalities. Robin offers daily downloads (affirmations) on Facebook at COATI Thetahealing. Check out her website at


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