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Gina’s Sacred Seven Mine – The Story Of Our Most Unique Crystal

January 5, 2015

We are very blessed to be surrounded by the absolute most exqusiite collection of crystals that come straight from our partner Gina’s mines and family collection in Brazil.  We have handselected each and every crystal that we showcase from that collection.  That guarantees the quality and loving energy from each crystal is passed on to our clients and they dont have to worry that the crystals come from a country that may be war torn or mined unethically.

These Brazilian crystals are truly life changing.  There is quartz in many places from Arkansas to Colorado to Maine to Pakistan but from an energy pertspective there is nothing on earth quite like Brazilian quartz.  That leads me to a certain crystal that has changed the lives our the v2C Family and all those around us who have been lucky enough to acquire a Sacred Seven Crystal.

The Sacred Seven crystals are from one of Gina’s sacred mines and she had the intuition to know that something special was hidden in this mine.  She had a sense there was something incredible on this land. She purchased it from three brothers who didnt quite know what they had other than a mine that was producing some quartz and amethyst. She came up with the money to buy this sacred mine and for years she was pulling out Quartz and cacoxonite until she started to pull these exquisite and perfect crystal specimens (see images/shop link here!). These crystals are the only ones in the world that are not only self cleansing but also designed the align and clear your chakras. One of the rarest stones on the planet, these help you stay rooted while learning incredible things about yourself and the world around you. My hey contain seven amazing minerals listed below and visually are exquisite!

We are blessed to be able to pass these incredible pieces on to you! Feel free to email at with questions!

Following are the metaphysical properties of the minerals that make up this amazing stone. Their energies are all present within the Sacred Seven stone.

AMETHYST is a variant of quartz. An important companion stone for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. Amethyst bestows strength, stability, patience and calm in stressful situations,
and a strong stone for changing negative energy to positive energy.

CLEAR QUARTZ CRYSTAL, also known as Rock Crystal, known for enhancing energy
and communication and listening skills. Clear Quartz Crystal increases energy flow and harmony.

SMOKY QUARTZ exhibits a light to dark smoky grey to black color. Enhances focus, attentiveness, creativity, good business acumen and for those under stress it is an excellent
grounding and centering crystal.

CACOXENITE can help to bring spiritual awakening, promote new ideas and understanding,
and seeing the positive, benevolent side of life.

GOETHITE can facilitate communication, as well as stimulate and amplify clairvoyant abilities. Goethite is wonderful for those wishing to lessen the burden of distraction, and enhance their ability to concentrate and focus.

LEPIDOCROCITE while acting as a stimulus to intellectual pursuits, lepidocrocite can help to promote grounding, centering, clear thoughts, expanding and retaining knowledge.

RUTILE can bring strength, love, ease in making transitions, and accelerate growth in all levels of body, mind and spiritual development. An excellent choice for promoting and building stability within relationships, as well as emotional and mental imbalances. It is an incredible tool for dispelling unwanted energy and can aid astral travel.

These stones can be coupled with others like moldavite and rose quartz. We are happy to discuss other stones that make sense to pair with a Sacred Seven!


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