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I handcraft jewelry in a mountain top studio in Vermont.  While surrounded by both exquisite healing crystals and incredible natural beauty, I realized that I could blend the stylistic simplicity from my modern designs with the power and importance of raw healing crystals.

A chakra is a wheel of energy. Crystals help balance and align the body so radiant health and vitality is restored. v2C uses the 7 chakra stones in modern and stylistic creations. This allows for a truly unique and universal appeal with the integration of beautifully crafted jewelry and healing crystals. v2Crystals mission has always been to educate and reconnect people to the ancient wisdom and healing properties of crystals while providing a fashion forward creation for any aspect of life.

v2C also has a very exciting customization business, v2Creates. I will phone, email or FaceTime a consultation with you about which stones may be most meaningful to you and also regarding jewelry specific questions such as length, complimentary stones and design.

In the summer of 2009 I decided to introduce v2Crystals private crystal specimen collection. Quickly it has become widely recognized as one of the most incredibly exquisite raw crystal collections in the world. My partners and I are happy to both answer questions and show you any specific specimen from our collection.

No shipping fees on any standard orders! You let me know what you want and will cover shipping and handling. Also, if you are in our area or will be at any of our music festivals this season then we can make arrangements to meet up with you if easiest!
Contact me anytime.
In love and light – Vanessa Valente

Favorite materials

Raw tourmaline, raw quartz, amethyst, aqua auras, aquamarines, labradorite, citrine, smoky quartz

  1. charrettemetalcrafts permalink

    I am so jealous of your source! A mine in Brazil?? HOW AWESOME. Getting to pull raw stone from the ground is my favorite way of getting it. I love mining. I feel a deeper connection to the stone if I found it. Your collection is gorgeous! If you are even in North Carolina, visit the Ruby City Gems museum in Franklin.
    Another large private collection on display for free!

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